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Over 90% of the top 50 podcasts (as of the time of writing) were part of networks.

Joining Lumivoz gives you access to editors, sponsors, and larger audiences.

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Who We Are

Creators & Story Tellers

We are a faith based network of leaders, story tellers, moms, financial experts, ministry leaders, documentarians, and more!

Lumivoz connects creators with a broader audience as well as advertisers. 

How It Works

What Happens When You Join

All of our creators “cross promote.” That means they promote your podcast to their audiences. And you give them a shoutout to yours. We only pair you with podcasts that have similar audiences.

We also partner you with new sponsors. Instead of worrying about managing your ad sales, we handle it for you! Sponsors love networks because it gives them a larger reach and greater flexibility.

Who You Are

An Experienced Podcaster or Editor

You’ve been podcasting for some time now and are committed to growing your audience and improving your craft. 

Your not afraid to wrestle with issues of faith or religion. 

You believe in the power and influence of podcasting as a medium.

We are limiting our launch to podcasters with at least 5000 monthly downloads or 50+ episodes.

What If I Don't Have A Large Audience?

We want you too! But… we’re developing a few extra special surprises for new and growing podcasters. Click the button to be notified of when we launch and our plans to help you grow!


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