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We’re looking for people like you! We are open to any ideas but special preference will be given to fiction or game show style podcasts.

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Who We Are

Creators & Story Tellers

We are a faith based network of leaders, story tellers, financial experts, ministry leaders, documentarians, and more!

Lumivoz connects creators with a broader audience as well as advertisers. 

How It Works

What Happens When You Join

We are looking to give a platform to new content creators. You get to join a family who are building something bigger together.

Who You Are

A writer, editor, narrator, or something new!

You have some new and interesting ideas (or maybe you like editing people with interesting ideas).

Your not afraid to wrestle with issues of faith or religion. 

You believe in the power and influence of podcasting as a medium.

You aren’t afraid to swing for the fences and explore big and interesting ideas.

What If I already have a podcast?

We want you too! If you have an existing podcast, we are open to bringing you on. What does that require? Any ad money that we bring in, we keep a small percentage of it but the majority goes to you. You still own your podcast and have complete creative control. We will also cross-promote your podcast on our other shows.


So, what do you say? Are you ready to try?

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