Growing Small Groups in a Catholic Church

“What unites us is much greater than what divides us.” This quote by Pope John XXIII is so applicable to this conversation with Kelly Lippenholz from Church of the Nativity – a dynamic Catholic congregation deeply committed to discipleship and community through small groups. 

Kelly shares about the power of a personal invitation from her own story, how Church of the Nativity developed a new culture of community in a Catholic church context, how they executed very successful group launches, and how they integrated groups as the primary pathway for discipleship. Kelly and her small groups team are valuable members of the Small Group Network and you can interact with them on our Facebook page. 



Kelly Lippenholz began her career in ministry at Church of the Nativity, a parish in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland when she began volunteering with the Youth Ministry program and leading a small group of 6th grade girls. Those girls are now in college and Kelly is in her 10th year of vocational ministry. She spent six years withYouth Ministry – writing curriculum, delivering messages, planning retreats, and training for 200 Next Gen ministers. A few years ago, she transitioned into her current role at Nativity as Director of Adult Discipleship where she oversees several ministries including small groups, member care, missions, and adult ministry. 


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