Small Group Metrics: What to Measure & Why with Bill Willits

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How do you measure the fruitfullnes of small group ministry? How do you decide what metrics to you use? If you or anyone on your team are asking these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Bill Willits is the Executive Director of Ministry Environments for North Point Ministries. NPM is the parent organization of six Atlanta churches (Including North Point Community Church) as well as twenty-three strategic partner churches around the world. Bill is one of the founding staff members of North Point and the architect of its influential small groups ministry model. He is also the co-author of the book, “Creating Community” with Andy Stanley. His passion for community along with his amazing team has helped them connect just over 80,000 children, students and adults into the benefits of group life.

In this month’s “Group Talk” podcast, host Carolyn Taketa interviews Bill and asks him the following questions and more in this exciting interview…

  • How do we know if someone is actually growing in their relationship with Jesus?
  • What are the measurable wins that help us understand if we are really making progress?
  • How do we get people from the rows into circles?
  • What is the typical retention rate for small group leaders?

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