How to Give and Receive Feedback Well

Guest:  Dr. Bill Donahue 

Dr. Bill Donahue, Ph.D., focuses his work on building transformational leaders, groups and teams. He is a conference speaker, author and strategic voice in areas of leadership development, community-building, and strategic vision. Bill’s work blends his corporate and church experience as he serves clients in both arenas. After 18 years at Willow Creek – at the church and the Association – Bill joined the faculty of Trinity International University and leads the Doctor of Ministry Program there, training over 100 church leaders and pastors. Bill has published or co-authored over a dozen books and training resources for all levels of leadership, including the best-selling Leading Life-changing Small Groups, Coaching Life-Changing Leaders, Building a Life-Changing Small Group Ministry, the DVD training series Making Small Groups Work, and most recently The Irresistible Community.

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