Jesus and the Shepherds

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This Bible story podcast for kids tells the story of Jesus and the Shepherds. We referenced the following Biblical passages: Luke 2: 8-20. Hey-O Kids Curriculum’s primary goal with the Stories of the Bible is to tell the stories from God’s word accurately and in a way that is engaging to children of all ages.

This is Jesus! Jesus is the Son of God who would grow up to do amazing things. His parents on earth were Mary and Joseph. Jesus was born in a barn because there was no room for him anywhere else in Bethlehem. 

On the night Jesus was born, there were some shepherds in a field keeping watch over their sheep. Suddenly, an angel appeared before them and a bright light shone all around them! The shepherds were so scared, but the angel said, “Don’t be afraid. I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people! The Savior, yes the Messiah, the Lord has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!”

The angel told the shepherds that they would find Jesus in a barn wrapped in strips of cloth, laying in a manger. Then the angel was joined by many, many other angels, and all of them sang, “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” 

Then the angels returned to heaven and the shepherds said to each other, “Let’s go to Bethlehem!” So they hurried to the village and found the baby Jesus laying in the manger. 

After seeing Jesus, the shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had told them about the baby Jesus. Everyone who heard the shepherds’ story were amazed. Mary made sure she remembered all these things and thought about them often. 

Then shepherds went back to their sheep, and praised God for all they had seen. The baby was exactly who the angel had told them he was – the Savior of the world, the Son of God!

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