Peter Escapes from Prison

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This Bible story podcast for kids tells the story of Peter Escapes from Prison. We referenced the following Biblical passages: Acts 12:1-17. Hey-O Kids Curriculum’s primary goal with the Stories of the Bible is to tell the stories from God’s word accurately and in a way that is engaging to children of all ages.

This is Peter who was one of Jesus’ disciples. Peter told people about Jesus. There was a king named Herod who tried to stop anyone who tried to tell others about Jesus. He arrested Peter and took him to jail to be executed. 

While Peter was in prison, the people of the church prayed for him. The night before Peter was supposed to go to trial, he was sleeping. Suddenly, an angel of the Lord stood before him. The angel woke Peter up and said, “Quick! Get up!” The chains fell off Peter’s wrists. Then the angel told him to get up and get ready to go, and to follow him. 

So Peter left the cell but all the time he thought what was happening wasn’t real and that it was just a vision. They passed by the guards and when they came to the iron gate it opened for them on its own. They were walking through the street when the angel suddenly left him. 

Peter finally realized that this was all really happening and that God had sent an angel to save him from what King Herod and the Jewish leaders had planned to do to him! 

He went to the home of Mary where many believers were together praying. When Peter knocked at the door a servant girl came to answer. When she realized it was Peter she was so excited that she ran inside to tell people instead of letting Peter in. 

The people inside thought that girl was wrong and said, “It must be Peter’s angel.” But Peter kept knocking. When the people finally opened the door, they were amazed! Peter told them what had happened and all about how God sent an angel to rescue him from prison. 

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