Jesus and the Sinful Woman

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Jesus came to save everyone. But the ones who know how much they needed it are going to be the most grateful. Just like that lady!

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This story is based on Luke 7:36-50.
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Stories of the Bible. Jesus and the Sinful woman. This is Jesus, um, who is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. Uh, while Jesus was on Earth, he taught everyone about God’s love and healed people from their sickness. He did many miracles by calming storms and even raised people from the dead.

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Uh, wahoo.

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There were a group of Jewish leaders called the Pharisees who heard Jesus speak often. One of the Pharisees named Simon asked Jesus to have dinner with him.

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Come on over. Oh, okay. Sounds good.

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So Jesus went over to his house and a certain sinful woman heard that he was eating there. She went to the house and brought a jar filled with expensive perfume. She kneeled at Jesus feet and cried. Her tears fell on his feet, and she wiped them with her hair. She kissed his feet and put the perfume on them. Simon saw this and said to himself, yeah, if this man really were a prophet, he’d know what kind of woman is touching him. She’s a sinner. Then Jesus said, Simon, I have something to say to you.

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Oh, okay.

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And he told him this story. A man loaned money to two people, 500 pieces of silver to one take care. And 50 pieces to the other.

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Yeah, thanks. Uh oh. Hello again.

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But neither of them could repay him.

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Sorry. Uh, yeah, sorry.

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So he kindly forgave them both that’s, uh okay. Canceling their debts. Who do you suppose loved him more after that? Simon said that the one who owed him more loved him more. Jesus said, yes, that’s right. Then he turned to the woman and said to Simon, look, uh, at this woman kneeling here. When I entered your home, you didn’t offer me water or wash the dust off my feet, but she has washed them with her tears and, uh, wiped them with her hair. I tell you, her sins, and there are many, have been forgiven. So she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love. Then Jesus said to the woman, your sins are forgiven. The men at the table said among themselves, who is this man that he goes around for forgiving sins? And Jesus said to the woman, your faith has saved you. Go in peace.

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