5th Wednesday: Aligning Small Groups With Church Communications

How aligned in your small groups ministry with the rest of your staff? Many in ministry struggle with “buy-in” from senior leadership. But James Browning takes a fairly deep dive into the idea that small group point people would benefit from buying into other ministries in their church. In particular we look at the role of church communication leaders and how to align small groups ministry with church comms.

Our guest on this episode is Shawn Gendall.

Shawn was born and raised on the Canadian plains, but – following a few years in Arizona – met and married Kelly, a Los Angeles native. Shawn and Kelly have served in student and family ministries for 18 years, all on the Westside. They are grateful parents to Delaney (’03), Caden (’06), and Peyton (’08). The Gendalls typically spend their free time on the bike paths and in the basketball gyms of this beautiful city.

Shawn holds a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary and is currently completing his Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership.

This episode is for anyone who is a student of church leadership, wants to take a deeper dive into the small groups world, or even fans of Carey Neuhoff or Thom Rainer and just want to explore church development.

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