Andrew Mason – Building from Ground Zero: Relaunching a Groups Ministry

Many of us have stepped into existing small groups ministries to add new support, leadership and vision to what was already there. But what about creating a groups ministry at a church where one didn’t necessarily already exist? 

 Ministry buzzwords are a dime a dozen, but actually having to implement ideas and vision to relaunch a groups ministry can be a real challenge. It’s crucial to get your finger on the pulse of a particular church’s culture enough to define reality, contextualize vision and properly frame the conversation around shared desires and goals. But how do you do that? 

This month, Andrew Mason breaks down the process he used in relaunching a groups ministry from “ground zero”, sharing practical concepts and actionable strategies that can be scaled for any size church or ministry.

Andrew Mason oversees Small Groups at Real Life Church, a multi-site family of churches in Northern, CA. Andrew is the Northern CA Regional Leader for the Small Group Network and founded the website, He resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife Camile and their two sons. You can connect with Andrew on Twitter @_AndrewSMason.

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