Church Wide Campaign: How to Grow your Small Group Ministry by 300%

Steve Gladen, Global Small Groups Pastor at Saddleback Church, pulls from his 20+ years of small group ministry experience to encourage and equip listeners to lead healthier, growing and more effective small group ministries.

In this episode, Steve talks about how you can grow your small group ministry by 300%! You can do this by using Saddleback Church’s secret sauce of ministry – the church-wide-campaign. Steve and Derek will break down the following:

1 Know the compelling question.
2 Align Children’s, Student and Adult ministries. 
3 Stick to the principles and apply your own methodologies. 
4 Language matters – host strategy
5 Employ various avenues of learning.

6 Once a year is enough
7 Provide a clear start and end date.
8 Expect high intensity for staff, volunteers, and members 
9 Remember and celebrate.
10 Plan for after the Campaign 
11 Give people an “out” after the Campaign.
12 Budget to remove financial obstacles 

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