How To Disciple People, Not Just Lead Groups

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Welcome to SG squared. Glad you joined us for this episode. In this particular one, we’re going to be talking about how small groups just aren’t a program in the church, but they are a powerful discipleship tool that your church has. As you know, we talk about temple courts and house to house and the house to house movement is your discipleship engine. Now we’re going to cover so many things about the transformational power of small groups, but the important thing  to understand is that it needs to happen in your own group. And as we go through this material, I want you to start thinking through, okay, how does this pertain to where my small group is?

And what am I doing in my own group? Now, as we talk about a number of things in this episode, make sure you download the resources at the top of the show notes and understand that that material is there for you to take this from just being a podcast that you listen to, but something that can transform your small groups and help you make them a discipleship engine.

I want you to enjoy as we take a little flashback on this particular episode, but it’s great content that will help you make the discipleship tool powerful in your small group.

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