INSIDE SADDLEBACK: 4 Musts to Make 2022 Successful

In each “Inside Saddleback” Group Talk Podcast episode we feature four unique segments: Saddleback Scoop, Network Nugget, Leadership Learning and the Trending Topic. In this exciting new episode, we cover the following insightful topics:

Saddleback Scoop: Your Vision Casting
Getting you ready

– The moment we are in doesn’t pause the mission we are on! – Ed Stetzer
– Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a KNOWN God. – Corey Ten Boom
SGPP Vision—focus TRUST—Truth, resilience, Unity, Stewardship, Teachability
CL Launch–Retreat
You need to set the tone and set it fast!

Network Nugget: Your Ability to TAKE, GIVE and WIN
What are you most excited about for the SGN in 2022?

Physical Lobby February 22 to 24, 2022 – this event will serve YOU
– 15 Year Anniversary—everyone attending gets our commemorative coin
– New Format: Tracks—New, Veterans, church size
– 2 challenge talks for groups you aren’t thinking about
ATTAIN (for small group leaders)  launching 2022 in DC/Baltimore area, Nashville, Dallas, Hawaii and Orlando

– SGN Ideas Book
– Win an iPad, Get a course
– How to enter
– Each idea and if on mailing list

Leadership Learning: Your Thoughts on who can lead
Could I challenge you? Three easy steps to get Leaders:
– Crawl: Subgrouping to figure out who’s next… 3 S’s…no one does apprenticing well
– Walk: Raise a leader at a Connection Event—Chapter 16 SGWP
– Run: 2 Friends Strategy. Follow me to die for me. What is the highest qualification for leadership—followers (friends). Now we have a structure in place to make sure groups don’t drive off the road! Example of a person going to church talking after lunch

Trending Topic: Your Perspective on YOU
How do you maximize 2022?
The High-Performance Pyramid

You (Corporate Athlete)
Physical, Your Body, desires, how you feed it
Emotional, Positive Emotions—spiritual disciplines, what goes in…SM?
Mental, cognitive—Align, Accelerate!, podcasts
Spiritual, deepest values and defining a strong sense of purpose, health assessment, improvement, growth area
Ministry, Long term vision, short term vision—short term crisis helps shape long term outcomes
SMALL GROUP MININSTRY—Accelerate! course      
Greatest Task of Leadership—Clarify Your SGM Purpose
Greatest Task for Your Leadership—Clarify Your Purpose


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