HERE TO THERE: Building a Multiethnic Church or Small Group – Why It Matters and First Steps Toward an Integrated Gospel Community

How do we move from a homogenous church or group to one that welcomes full participation of people from different ethnicities? Why is it so important for churches to reflect their communities and be ethnically integrated as a reflection of the full Gospel? What can we do in our small groups to help create safe spaces for people to discuss issues related to ethnicity and socioeconomic differences as part of our discipleship?  Listen as Dr. Derwin Gray envisions and calls churches to “grow out of ignorance, classism, racism, and greed into the flourishing, vibrant, and grace-filled communities of believers that God intended.” 


Guests:  Dr. Derwin Gray & Kristel Avecedo  



Dr. Derwin L. Gray, a former NFL player, is the founding and lead pastor of Transformation Church (TC). Transformation Church is a multiethnic, multigeneration, mission-shaped community in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Derwin and Vicki have been married for twenty-eight years and have two adult children. Derwin is the author of Building a Multiethnic Church: A Gospel Vision of Love, Grace, and Reconciliation in a Divided World and the host of Marinate on That Podcast

Kristel Acevedo serves at Transformation Church as a Content Creator and also works in small groups ministry. She writes transformational discipleship resources in English and Spanish and is passionate about helping people get connected to God and each other. 




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