8 Steps to Successful Recruiting

Do you need more small group leaders? How would you like to see an exponential increase of volunteers stepping up to serve in your church? Steve Gladen, Global Small Groups Pastor at Saddleback Church, pulls from his 20+ years of small group ministry experience to encourage and equip listeners to lead healthier, growing and more effective small group ministries. In this episode, Steve is joined by co-host Derek and special guest John Shin (One of the Connections Pastors at Saddleback Church) who shares his 8 Steps to Successful Recruiting. You are not going to want to miss this episode!


8 Steps to Successful Recruiting

1) Write down your pain points (your needs for ministry volunteers)
2) Think beyond the norm and get creative
3) Pain Levels from Easy, Need, and Pain (and describing each level)
4) Special Tip—Think about behind the scenes ministry (no interaction with people and ministry that involves lots of people engagement. You should try to recruit everyone and anyone to your ministry)
5) 4 Step practical plan to recruit
– Talk to people you know
– Find out what they enjoy and don’t enjoy
– Focus on their passion (No matter what they say here, get them to serve with you. Make up a role for them)
– Recruit person for 1 time help or opportunity
6 Always say thank you to your volunteers (cards, gifts, meals). Show appreciation
7 Don’t let them get bored. Create a development pathway. Some volunteers maybe can take on more responsibility and leadership roles.
8 Set a deadline to recruit. Nothing happens without deadlines

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