Vulnerable Living, Vulnerable Leading [Podcast]

Challenging seasons of life are inevitable. It is never a question of “if” they will occur, but rather “when”. When life gets tough, it is often how we respond to the challenges we’re faced with that shape us more than the situation itself. Particularly as a leader, it is in those times when living with vulnerability and authenticity can have the biggest impact on leading with vulnerability.

In this month’s Group Talk, Carolyn Taketa talks with Laura Copeland about what it means to live and lead authentically in the tough seasons and when life hurts.

Laura Copeland has been serving on staff at churches, mostly in small groups ministries for almost 10 years, and she has a desire to see honest, authentic community where people are being transformed by the truths of God. She has an MA in New Testament Studies from Talbot School of Theology and recently joined the small groups team at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. Laura also serves on the SGN Communications team, overseeing the SGN Facebook page.

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