Steve Gladen: 7 Ways to Lead Effective Small Group Ministry When Your Pastor May Not Be On Board [Podcast]

Q How do you change culture & lead effective small group ministry when your lead pastor or senior leadership may not be entirely on board? How can you align your small groups (House to house movement) to compliment your weekend services (Temple courts)? If you or anyone on your team is wrestling with these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Steve Gladen has served as the Global Pastor of Small Groups at Saddleback Church since 1998. He oversees the strategic launch and development of over 7,000 adult small groups on multiple campuses. Steve has authored “Small Groups With Purpose,” which has been translated into eight languages to date, and “Leading Small Groups With Purpose.” Steve is also the Founder of the Small Group Network (SGN) giving influence and oversight to all the SGN initiatives.

In this month’s “Group Talk” podcast, Host Eric Falcinella interviews Steve as he answers the above questions and addresses the following topics in this exciting interview…

  1. How to lead with humility not entitlement 
  2. How to develop a reputation for responsibility 
  3. How not to be deceptive or manipulative 
  4. How to choose the right time, place & words to engage your pastor
  5. How to appeal to your pastors goals & interests
  6. How to trust God even if your pastor rejects your ideas
  7. How to know your calling

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