INSIDE SADDLEBACK: Fall Updates, Growth Spurt, What’s the Path, 3 Must Have Answers, CRT

In each “inside Saddleback” Group Talk Podcast episode, we feature four unique segments:  Saddleback Scoop, Network Nugget, Leadership Learning and the Trending Topic. In this exciting new episode, we cover the following insightful topics: Saddleback Scoop: Fall Learnings Update

  • Group Launch (Update)
    • Rick video and small group testimony
    • Customizing Campuses
    • Learnings
    • Sharpen communication
    • Stop distractions
    • Empower the campus creativity…kind of  Picture
    • Innovation was off the charts
    • GROUP Method IBS born
  • CL Launch (Update)
    • 5 modules
      • Module One: Being an Intentional Shepherd
      • Module Two: Intentional Shepherding and Spiritual Presence
      • Module Three: Graceful Conversations
      • Module Four: Asking Insightful and Inspired Questions
      • Module Five: Resources to help you
    • All Day training at the Ranch…starting push to train all 350 CL’s

Network Nugget: Growth Spurt

  • Growth Page over 50k, FB Group approaching 10k,
    • UPDATE Virtual Lobby going global in 2022
    • New course to follow: Leadership Essentials 
  • Physical Lobby February 22 to 24, 2022
    • 15 Year Anniversary—everyone attending gets our commemorative coin
    • New Format: Tracks—New, Veterans, church size
    • 2 challenge talks for groups you aren’t thinking about
  • ATTAIN (for small group leaders)  launching 2022 in DC, Nashville, Dallas and Orlando

Leadership Learning: What’s the Path?

  • Leadership Development—follow me to die for me
  • Leaders—Engaging Phase to Equipping Phase to Empowering Phase to Energizing Phase
    • HOST Today
    • Leader Tomorrow
    • Minister Forever
  • CL’s—FRIEND to be a LEADER to be a COACH
  • Staff—Push the Residence thought with Intern Program and course

Trending Topic: 3 Must Have Answers

  1. Do we have enough groups?
  2. How is our customer service?
  3. How is the spiritual health of our individuals and groups?
  • The 4 helpful list from Tom Patterson’s Organization. With the pandemic subsiding, now is a good time to get perspective on where your existing and new groups are at regarding health and continuity of where you want to go with groups. Ask their story before you begin
  1. What’s healthy in small groups?
  2. What’s unhealthy? (needs to change)
  3. What’s confusing (needs clarity)
  4. What’s missing (needs to be added)

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