HERE TO THERE: Book Talk – Live No Lies by John Mark Comer w/ Andrew Camp and Nick Lenzi

Join us for an honest and engaging conversation about NY Times bestseller, “Live No Lies, Recognize and Resist the Three Enemies that Sabotage Your Peace.”  Author and pastor John Mark Comer says “the problem isn’t that we’ve been told lies, it’s that we end up believing them.”  So what are some lies about God, ourselves, other people, church, and ministry that we believe? How are these lies forming or “deforming” our character and life with God? Comer tackles the three sources of lies (devil, flesh, world), challenges us to combat the various lies, and gives some practices to win the battle and live daily in the truth of the Kingdom of God.   No More Lies Book   Lobby Gathering 2022 – Don’t forget to use promo code grouptalk to get your $100 off!

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