7 Thoughts on How DATA Can Help You

On June 10th, the Faith at Work Summit at Saddleback Church is hosting Fortune 500, Christian executives from Target, Disney, Cisco Systems, Metronic and Capital Group. Each of these speakers are passionate about the integration of faith and work. They are seeing God move in their companies, specifically through Christian fellowships and Small groups in the workplace that they are leading.

Are you interested in workplace small groups or fellowship with business-minded Christians? Do you or any of your small group leaders lead a group at their workplace? Then join participants from across the US for this Faith at Work Summit, on Saturday, June 10th.

If you’re in Southern California you can join this event in-person. It’s also simulcasted via zoom and you can watch it live online. You can register for this event at https://Saddleback.com/FaithAtWork

Steve Gladen, Global Small Groups Pastor at Saddleback Church, pulls from his 20+ years of small group ministry experience to encourage and equip listeners to lead healthier, growing and more effective small group ministries. In this episode, Steve is joined by co-host Derek and special guest Christina Dawson (Life Groups Director at the Woodlands Church in Texas to talk about 7 ways data can help you and your small group ministry. In this episode we discuss:

  • How accurate data is critical
  • How the number one rule with data is use it yourself 
  • How do diligence with data isn’t enough
  • Sales commission structure & how it works
  • How setting achievable exceptions is a must
  • How group health & corporate training are essential
  • What to do before you meet your people

Christina Dawson Bio:

Christina loves to serve people and has been doing so professionally for 19 years. After
graduating from high school she took on numerous sales roles in both restaurant and
retail settings. It was here that she learned the necessities of user experience and
customer engagement.
In 2012, while working in a furniture store, one of her customers, who happened to be
the CEO of a Canadian manufacturing company, was so impressed with her service, he
hired her as as his Executive Assistant. While taking on numerous roles within the
company, Christina discovered a strong passion for workforce development.
In the spring of 2014, she was selected to manage and develop a two-year pilot
workforce program by the Bowling Green Kentucky Area Chamber of Commerce.
After completing her contract, she continued her mission for economic development by
starting her own workforce communications and marketing firm, Southern Kentucky Jobs.
Worldly success in entrepreneurship left her exhausted and disappointed.
In early 2020, the Lord miraculously gave Christina the opportunity to serve overseas.
She sold everything she had and traveled across the globe where she would contribute
to the growth and development of a children’s hospital. After living, working, and sharing
Jesus with orphans in rural Africa, Christina has new eyes and a grateful heart.
A Kentucky native, Christina currently resides in Houston, Texas, where she is serving the
Life Groups Team at Woodlands Church. She continues to work as a company culture
consultant in the manufacturing industry.

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