READING LENZ: How To Host Friends w/ Guest Sarah Neral

Do you remember your first night at group? Do you remember the message you talked about? Or do you remember how they made you feel? 

We often overlook how we are intentionally welcoming those new to our community and into our groups. On this episode we are joined by hospitality expert, Sarah Neral, who will share with us practical ways we can impact our groups through biblical hospitality.


Sarah Neral is the Associate Director of Community at Hoboken Grace in Hoboken, NJ. One of Sarah’s biggest joy comes from building community and helping people get connected. A North Carolina native, she joined Hoboken Grace in 2011 when she moved to the NY/NJ area and joined staff in 2015. Prior to Hoboken Grace, Sarah worked in Wealth Management and Philanthropic Solutions with US Trust. When she’s not exploring Hoboken with her husband, CJ, and daughter, Lela Rose, you can find her immersed in a great book, planning a party or hosting a friendly gathering.



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