INSIDE SADDLEBACK: Back to the Future

In each “Inside Saddleback” Group Talk Podcast episode we feature four unique segments: Saddleback Scoop, Network Nugget, Leadership Learning and the Trending Topic. In this exciting new episode, we cover the following insightful topics:

Saddleback Scoop: Year 2022 oof!
SGPP Vision—focus TRUST—Truth, resilience, Unity, Stewardship, Teachability rolled out
CL Launch—Retreat moved to April 8/9, but each campus rolled it out
You—moved to short term goals (100 days)
Network Nugget: Year 15 is a wrap
Lobby recap, celebrated our 15th year!
Podcasts 6800 downloads last month/250k since 2015
FB Group 13.4k
FB Page followers 116k
Twitter followers 4.5k
Articles 992
Website visitors 9k unique/month
SGN Ideas Book Link –  /ideasbook
Group Talk Podcast Network launched Link
G.R.O.U.P. Method Bible
ATTAIN (for small group leaders) launched, ALIGN and ACCELERATE! 

Leadership Learning: Yester Year
How are you learning? Read what God has done in History
0 to 1500 AD
Last 500 Years
Last 50 years
All leaders are learners…research, ask those you respect, look into areas you need to stretch

Trending Topic: Year 2040? Remember when 2020 seemed so far off?
This year the Pew Research Center asked innovators, developers, business and policy leaders, researchers, and activists to consider what life will be like in 2025 in the wake of the pandemic and other crises. The broad—and nearly universal—view from more than 915 respondents may not seem all that surprising…

What do we get from this research?
The small group will need to embrace technology…think phone
Groups are the answer to diversity and helping
Great opportunity for groups to help in the social need areas
Volunteers available as work is flexible
Groups need to focus on tech advances to serve community
Now is the time to pray and plan for the future (Acts 13:2—”appoint Barnabas and Saul for the special work to which I have called them”) of small groups and how we communicate the good news about Jesus to an increasingly wired (tech) and suspicious world.


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