From The Front Row to The Fringes [Podcast]

Because we are all Small Groups Ministry practitioners on some level, it is easy to unwittingly assume that everyone else is just like… “us”. They value what we value, think how we think, want what we want and respond how we respond. The truth is, most of us are sitting on the proverbial front row, with rows and rows of “them” behind us… different personalities, different experiences, different perspectives, waiting to be engaged, waiting to be included, and most of the time just waiting on… “us”.

In this month’s Group Talk, Carolyn Taketa talks with Chris Surratt, author of Small Groups For The Rest Of Us, about designing your small groups so that everyone, from the front row to the fringes, are invited into thriving, Christ-centered community.

Chris is the Discipleship Specialist for at Lifeway Christian Resources, a ministry consultant with The Unstuck Group and author of the new book, Small Groups For The Rest of Us: How To Design Your Small Groups To Reach The Fringes. Most recently, he was the Pastor Of Ministries at Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where he oversaw and helped guide small groups and global and local good across five campuses. Before coming to Cross Point in 2009, Chris was on staff at Seacoast Church in Charleston, South Carolina, for fifteen years, serving as a worship arts pastor, campus pastor and on the directional leadership team.  You can connect with Christ on Twitter @ChrisSurratt and on his website

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