HERE TO THERE: Workplace Small Groups

How can we help people integrate their faith and build community in their workplaces? What is the role of work in our lives? Why is workplace ministry a strategic way to reach people? What are workplace groups, how do they function, and how do we start them?    Guest: Ron Kelleher   Ron Kelleher worked for Procter & Gamble for 36 years in a variety of roles and then transitioned into ministry. He earned a Master of Arts in biblical studies and theology from Talbot seminary and was ordained as a minister in 2012. He’s been serving in various ministries at Saddleback which has been his home church since 1991. Ron founded and led Inspired Leadership Inc which equips and encourages Christian leaders to live out their faith in the marketplace as well as Cross Work Consulting. In 2020, he became the volunteer director of Saddleback’s workplace ministry.    Register for our fall Virtual Lobby today! 

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