Should I Stay or Should I Go? [Podcast]

Neil Sedaka was right. Breaking up IS hard to do. But sometimes, breaking up is necessary. While Neil probably didn’t have your small group in mind when he wrote his deceptively sweet heart break anthem in the 60’s, he very well could have! Sometimes, the question isn’t “if” you should end your small group, but rather “how”. What are some indicators that it is time to break up? What if people don’t want to break up? If you decide to end, how do you go do it in a healthy, relationally honoring way? If you’ve found yourself singing the words of another blast-from-the-past Small Group anthem, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”, then this month’s group talk is for you!

In this month’s Group Talk, Carolyn Taketa talks with Allen White about the delicate topic of knowing when it’s time to break up with your group, good and bad reasons to end a group and practical tips on how to transition well.

Allen has devoted the last 25+ years to helping people find Christ, make meaningful connections, grow in their faith, and find fulfillment in ministry. He has successfully launched hundreds of groups at two churches as the Associate Pastor: New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA for 15 year and Brookwood Church, Simpsonville, SC for 4 years. Additionally, Allen has had the privilege of coaching over 1,500 churches of all sizes and denominations over the last 11 years. Allen currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina and is a huddle leader for SGN. You can connect with Allen online at and on Twitter @allenwhite.

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